Cyborg Musicality

Music-making machines have existed for centuries, but interacting with them in live performance poses new technical challenges and aesthetic questions about the locus of creativity and musical expression. As the single human in Jazari, Patrick Flanagan has to collaborate and interact with cyborg musicianship. Patrick will discuss matters of performance, imagination and interaction skill as well as how cyborg musicianship embraces technology as its own medium.

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An overview of DJ Spooky

Posted on May 3, 2012 by Maggie Duval in DJ Spooky, FutureMusic Summit, Jazari, Mari Kimura, Round Top Festival Institute

Enjoy an overview by Plutopia Productions‘ CEO Maggie Duvalof what you’ll experience during our concert and after party at the phenomenal Plutopia FutureMusic Summit on May 12th at the jaw-dropping Round Top Festival Institute. Get your tickets NOW so you won’t miss out!